friendly reminder that coca-cola only sold 25 bottles during their first year, but they never gave up. now they sell over billions of bottles per year. my point is, even if life is shitty for you, don’t give up and be patient because it might end up turning into a big & great thing

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I am not comfortable
in my own skin;
But I am trying
to be. Damn it,
I am trying to be.



next time you hear a white person say “well if black people can say the n-word why can’t i???” you should ask them “why do you want to?” and listen as they try not to say “black people have something of their own that I am not entitled to and that hurts my feelings and makes me feel inferior”


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Keep reminding yourself. If it is supposed to happen, it will.
I want you to hold my hand while we grocery shop. I want you to play with my hair while we watch our favorite tv shows. I want you to kiss me in the middle of my sentence because you wanted to taste my words. I want you to rub my back as we fall asleep. I want you to play my favorite song when I look sad. I want you to do these things without having to think about them. Do them because you love me.
  • mum: can you-
  • me: *groans for 17 hours*

Anonymous said: Hi, Just saw the last ask about riding, so I figured I'd ask one I've had for a while about riding too. My bf likes it when I'm on top but he's my first and I have no idea what to even do when I'm on top. I tried looking at gifs to get the motion down but I feel like I'm doing it all wrong and I feel very silly. Is it supposed to be a bouncing thing? or something else? Sorry if this is a really ridiculous question.



I can’t stress enough that there isn’t an official way to ride a dick. It’s not ‘supposed’ to resemble any specific motion.

Cowgirl comes in many flavors.

Yes it can be a bouncing thing. But even that comes in variation. You can bounce with your head up, rolling your hips and lowerback into a rhythm.


Or you can bounce head down with your back stiffer.


You can bounce like a ball, fast and full of energy, with your body upright.


Or bounce slower, body bent over close to your partner.


Or you don’t have to bounce at all. You can thrust into him back and forth, smooth and steady.


Or thrust side to side.


Or go up and under.


Or thrust into him hard and rough.


Sometimes you don’t even have to move at all. Just sit there and let HIM thrust into you.


It’s a bit like dancing. There might be some general things to keep in mind but there are no official rules. Teaching someone to dance is often more about teaching them to have confidence in their movements and ‘go with the flow’ without worrying about if it’s ‘right’.

While I use images to show some differences in the way it looks, don’t think that you have to look identical to any of them. Porn depicts sex but it also exaggerates a lot of elements to be visually arousing, even if it might not actually be all that pleasurable. It’s all about finding a rhythm with your partner.

When you are riding your man and it feels good to you, and feels good to him, and the sexual chemistry is there, that’s all that matters. Even if it ultimately looks something like this.



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